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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 18, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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jessica? [inaudible] >> it's slimming. she is going away for four long months. how we will survive without her is unknown. tonight, we will be off the rails. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we kidnapped people. we disappeared people. and we even killed people. >> take off the word obama and we have replaced it with the word bush. same statements, same arguments. >> liberals were smeared as godless communist. culture bill o'reilly blew this dog whistle all the time. bill: factor under cover expose far left putting pressure on president obama. it's not just about health care. we will tell you what these loons really want. >> we want justice now consume >> a white man goes assaults a white woman rips up posters. white men who refer to the president by the n word. >> that did not happen. the man was not telling the
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truth. so why did cnn allow it on their air? we will find out. >> you are being awfully cavalier with a lot of people's lives. you are going to regret it. bill: george clooney underseas in italy. they have invaded his pa lacial estate. is it legal has the story. caution, you are about to the enter no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama under siege from the far left. will he give in the radicals? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported last night. the obama administration signalled last weekend that it might take the so-called public option on health care off the table that would mean the government would abandon a federal insurance program funded by billions of taxpayer dollars. well, as soon as the far left heard that, they went nuts. besieging the white house. as we have stated the goal for
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the radicals is to redistribute income from corporate and affluent america to the poor and low wage earners. do you that by giving folks with not a lot of money entitlements like health care, housing, food and guaranteed incomes. that is the goal of the far left. that is why they want the feds to control health care. in the coming weeks it, will be interesting to see if president obama caves in toed radical movement, there is no question most americans reject the far left philosophy. a new study by gallup says conservatives significantly outnumber liberals in 47 states. only hawaii, vermont and massachusetts have an even split. liberals don't have a majority anywhere. liberal joyces be conversation. that has emboldened the far left. net root folks who held a convention in pittsburgh. they don't much like america. >> we kidnapped. we tortured people. and we even killed people in
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u.s. custody. torture is a war crime. murder last time i checked is a pretty serious crime. >> why are we in afghanistan? why have we invaded a country? why are we spending millions and ultimately a trillion dollars in pursuit of what? >> there is a limit to what key can really do at fox. cnn putting dobbs on the air. every time lou dobbs go on regular broadcast in the elections. i would be thinking what are they doing this guy is a devout racist being put in with mainstream journalists. >> that kind of hatred defines the radical left and president obama would be best to distance himself from it. left wing insistent. they call it social justice. talking points believes the obama administration is intimidated by the far left and fear their zealotry. but if the president governs in their direction, he will fail dismally. the united states, ladies and
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gentlemen is a center right country with a strong tradition of center reliance. mr. obama would be wise to consider that. now for the top story tonight. if karl rove were a democrat? how we advise president obama in he joins us from washington. i love doing this to you. obviously everybody knows you were an advisor to president bush. let's take that you are now in the white house. and there is president obama. things are not looking good for him right now. you tell him to do what? >> well, look, it is a muddle. and on big legislative projects like, this you tend to get into muddles like this. the question is how do you get out of it? >>no i would have seven pieces of advice. first of all, figure out what it is you are trying to solve. at the beginning of this whole thing it was to get cost down and access up. now here it is to punish the insurance companies by giving them a government competitor. figure out which it is. what's the problem you are trying to solve? second of all, what is it that you want to do? we saw the muddle the last couple days on a public option. do you want it or not want it? it used to be that he insisted
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he wouldn't take a bill without it now his secretary of health and human services says it's nonessential. decide how you are going to do this. you have got a bill through the house only with the vote of democrats. and the senate they want a bipartisan bill but they are not engaged in a bipartisan way. you need to figure out how you are going to try to get this passed. fourth, control the infighting. it's clear there is all kinds of current inside the white house. that's why we had this befuddlement on the public option. fifth, lower the visibility. he has been out there way too much. the more that he has been talking about this, the more this thing has gone south. he needs to be very careful about shooting straight. he is saying things on the stump that people are reacting to and they are reacting in a negative way because they think they are not essentially true. here are the big two. he needs to show some success in my opinion. that is to say they ought to be looking at peace of this and say are there some things that we can do through executive action that we can begin to show some progress. there are lots of waste and fraud. medicare we can get rid of it next 10 years and fun part of
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health care with that prove it. do it and show some success. and finally, he needs to figure out if he is trying to figure out. stimulus where stimulus stimulus-million-dollar omni bus. energy tax and cap and trade that nobody read the bill. the american people have a sense this administration is winging it and trying to do too much too fast. maybe he ought to be saying insurance reforms of which i can get a large bipartisan consensus. let's try to do this piece next and that piece next. they need to make a decision whether they are going for the whole hog or they would be better off if they went at this piece by piece by piece. brill. bill: how much trouble do you think barack obama is in right now? it seems to me that the polls have stabilized this week. they have stabilized. but he has lost maybe 20 points and his job farvelt favorability
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rating. and disapproval rating has skyrocketed with that how much trouble is he in or is this just an ebb and flow. >> there is an ebb and flow. people are now looking at him different than they did at the beginning of the year. they see him as a traditional big spending liberal. they are not comfortable where he is on the policy questions. he has declined faster than almost any recent president. i haven't been able to find anybody who has had their negatives rise as fast as he has and his positives have dropped faster than most presidents. he is not in a good police. that's not to say his presidency is thereby determined. this measure, he has stabilized. i'm not certain of that. but example today. first time more people opposed to the public option than support it which is the opposite of where it was last week. these numbers. >> you made a good point the more he goes out and talks about it, the more confusing it gets. i still don't know what he is talking about in these meetings. he only takes eight questions
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and he uses an hour. he talks way, way too much. this reminds me of what happened to president bush. when president bush won the initial iraq invasion, his poll numbers were in the 80 approval rating. when he cut through there, they took the statue down in baghdad it looked like everything was going america's way. president bush reached the apex of his popularity. then, iraq started to go south and it was not a dramatic fall but it was a consistent fall. he never really fully recovered from that. could health care be obama's iraq? >> maybe, maybe not. there is a big difference though. starting in july of 2003, when it was clear mass destruction clinton to both clintons you name it. al gore, harry reid, they all thought there were weapons of mass destruction there. ted kennedy and john kerr kerry both said there were weapons of
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mass destruction. when it became obvious in july of 2003 that they weren't. the democrats began to say consistently that bush lied that drove his numbers down. i don't think republicans are going to act in a hyperpartisan way and say that obama is lying. credibility is the most important thing to a president. if your opposition doesn't believe you are legitimate to begin with. and begins this drum beat when they are aided by the media. it can be enormously creditor rosen. some cable people are hammering obama as being incompetent test not as a liar but as incompetent. he is in over his head, doesn't know what he is doing. that, i think may stick. that might stick. >> it may. look, i wrote a column early this year which i said i thought the obama white house was winging it. i think they are winging it to their disadvantage on this issue. i think though there is a difference between saying he is a liar and saying, look, he has bungled this issue and we disagree with him on the substance of the issue which is what most of this debate has been about. bill always as always we appreciate it.
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bill: impact segment tonight as you may know those who support obama care demonize americans who oppose it and vice verse is a. last week on cnn tim wise said
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this. >> we know in missouri the other day a white man goes, assaults a black woman, rips up her poster of rosa parks and receives a huge ovation from literally hundreds of white folks in attendance for doing that meanwhile white folks in the room that have posters that refer to the president by the "n" word. no one seemed to care about that. bill: that's not true a black woman did have a sign at the missouri health care meeting that was against the rules. and a white man did, indeed, relationship -- rip under the sign. authorities arrested the white man for assault. charged him. ejected the black woman for violating the no sign rule. nobody has confirmed a sign containing the "n" word in any way. senator clair mccaskill who hosted that meeting said this. >> i'm not sure that it would be accurate to make that about
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race. the disagreement yesterday was more because somebody broke the rules and brought in a sign when nobody was allowed to bring in a sign and they were flaunting it. and it angered people and passions got out of control. bill: joining us now with reaction fox news analyst dr. marc lamont hill. i'm worried about the stuff on all the networks, this happened on cnn that they say this stuff. it didn't happen. there is no n word sign. the guy was arrested, who did that and the woman rightfully was ejected because she broke the rule. so, you know, why would the guy go on and try to make it a race issue. >> there is a race issue here. it's very important that we have accurate facts all the time. ripping down a rosa parks sign is an important point here. there is a racial ghex to that i'm pretty confident. bill: how do you know what he knew who rosa parks was on the other side. >> the fact. >> if ronald reagan was on that sign, do you think he would have ripped it down? >> i have no idea what he knew or what he said. >> we could reasonably agree he didn't rip down the sign because
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she had a sign. this was a racially motivated incident. >> why wasn't it political? maybe he doesn't like her political stance? why is it a racial issue? >> well, the fact if this were isolated and this were the only thing, i would agree with you. bill: let's stay on this. so cnn allow as guy to go on and say things that aren't true, make it a race issue when he can't back it up. it gets out there. people see it. they hear it, they believe it isn't true. so, i don't know what cnn's responsibility is. if it were me, i would have corrected it the next day. >> i think they should. bill: fair word. >> n word unconfirmed. bill: nobody saw it we can't find anybody who saw it? >> i have heard reports. bill: heard is nothing. if you saw it and you have a picture of it? >> heard from people who were there. what i'm saying it's unconfirmed. i'm agreeing they should say it's unconfirmed. they should also say the man was ejected. bill: arrested. >> arrested on the suspicion of assault. tim wise making a claim there is
8:16 pm
racial undertone at these events. is he right. bill: backed it up with fallacious examples. >> i was at one. bill: you believe it's racial because most of the people opposing president obama's health care are white. >> that's not why i think it is racial. it would be disingenuous just because you believe with a black person mean you are a racist. you disagree with me all the time doesn't make you racist. can you disagree with ideological point. what happens is when you go there. i went to lebanon, pay. the tone. when they talk about the 46 million uninsured. they say i don't want those people taking my money. there is differentially racial undertone. bill: racial underto be when the far left demonized george bush for everything. when they attacked him personally and names and a liar. was there any race involved with that? >> it was bitter and vitriol al lick. some of it might have been over the top. everyone everybody has rassments
8:17 pm
just because you i have particular someone who has a race doesn't make it racial. bill: same kind of passionate ideological debate, ok? it's the same. >> i agree. bill: you don't like bush because bush does this. we don't like obama because obama does that. >> that's not what they are saying. can i tell you being at the one at lebanon it's not obama does this he is this. bill: is what? >> birther claim. these are still the guys who don't believe the guy is american. bill: the birther claim is just stupid. i don't see it as racist. >> you don't think it's racist? no they are trying to say he is not an american citizen not qualified to hold the presidency. >> ironic one black president in the history of america. he is the only one whose authenticity is questioned? bill: the authenticity of president bush's national guard was questioned is there racism there. >> not his americanist. they are questioning whether is he american.
8:18 pm
bill: zealots on right and left are going to find whatever avenue they can find. i don't see the race thing here. >> there are left wing zealots all the time. not me i know a bunch of them. this isn't just about zeal. this is about race. when i go to those events and they talk about that guy, there is no deference, there is no reference. bill: no deference or reference of bush on the left. bill: they were saying that liar. what's the difference? >> that was after he lied and i'm ok with that listen to me, i'm ok with calling obama a liar. if you say obama is a liar, i disagree with you but i'm ok with that that's part of what american is about. when you start saying he is not american and one of us. the term socialist to smuggle in all this quhit supremacist racist. bill: no race there but you call obama a socialist and there is a race there? i'm not buying that. you are not convincing me. >> on the table. apples and apples, there is no difference, you are absolutely right. you are trying to exam the text without a context. bill: no, no, no. all i'm trying to do is tell you that the debate has nothing to do with race. now, are their racial cranks?
8:19 pm
are there people who don't like barack obama because he is black? yeah, there are. >> they tend to go to town hall meetings. i will tell you why. bill: i will tell you i believe 90% of the people in the lebanon, pennsylvania people you went to are good folks with no racial animus. they have a political animus. >> that is imperial unavailable as when somebody. bill: that's what i believe. >> in no spin zone i like to deal with facts. lot of folks are senior citizens. these are people owe opposed civil rights. bill: some of them did and some of them did. >> there is a reason white racist might be overrepresented at a town hall meeting. bill: you said you want to deal with facts and you can't prove what you said. >> black people didn't have the right to vote 40 years. if you are 70. bill: how do you know people in lebanon. >> overwhelmingly voted g.o.p. for the last 30 or 40 years. bill: if you are a republican you are a racist now? >> say only 20% of americans oppose civil rights. even though it's much loorger. even if it's true if everybody
8:20 pm
there 80 years old 20 people tradition of civil rights. that's a reason why it might make sense they are overrepresented. i don't know all of them. i just know what i saw. bill: all right, doctor. i'm not buying it at all. >> i'm shocked. bill: we would like to you vote in our new bill o' poll. we are asking which news agency do you trust the least? the "new york times," cnn, pbs, msnbc police select one. directly ahead is it legal on george clooney's home being invaded and the defense of marriage act chaos. glenn beck under fire. he will tell us what he thinks of his critics coming up. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense.
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bill: about beginning with the defense of marriage act.
8:24 pm
as you may know this federal law basically denies gays the right to marry on a federal level. and federal homosexual employees any kind of partner benefit. at first the obama administration seemed to be sticking up for the act but now there has been a turn around. here to analyze johnny and attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. we just got off karl rove about the confusion on the health care. we covered this for two hours every morning. it's chaos is, it not? >> it's complete chaos. >> do we have another chaotic defense of marriage act situation? >> no, i think president obama knows where he stands. but under pressure from left wing gay and lesbian rights groups he beck buckled. he did the right thing in this first this defense of marriage act is under attack in a lawsuit. the department of justice has the obligation to go in and dechted it. that's what the d.o.j. does. >> that was passed by congress and signed by bill clinton. >> the way it works is you don't have different laws under
8:25 pm
different administrations. that law has been in place for 13 years. he has the obligation. >> department of justice has to defend it? >> has to. he did the right thing. this plaintiff is wrong. this law is constitutional. and you should be upholding it, judge. well then the gay and lesbian advocates came out and said how could you? how could you cite the cases you cited in there? you, president obama, have said in the past that you don't like defense of marriage act. rather than just saying, look, i don't like of defense of marriage act and i will work with you to overturn it to pass new legislation, but, i have this obligation to defend federal laws, he caved and filed another brief saying oh, i hate the defense of marriage act and as a matter of policy it really stinks, it is discriminatory. bill: does that show poor leadership? >> in doing so you are not going when the proponents rise up. he leans there way. >> i'm putting you on the stop here. would you say this is poor
8:26 pm
leadership? i'm worried about the man's leadership right now. >> well, let's put it this way. it's not great leadership because is he not taking a stance one way or another right now. bill: ok. enough of that. the law stands as it is. if they want to repeal it, repeal it now we have a situation, another sting on line. now we at the factor want to protect the kids we applaud the police both federal and state for going on the internet and setting up stings pretending to be teenagers getting predators to try to make a move that's illegal. what happened in this case? >> in indiana this guy was in an internet chat room and met what he thought was a 13-year-old girl. had several email correspondences with her. this is the defendant james daniel. and then arranged to meet her in a park for the expressed purpose of having sex. he arranged it right down to the sexual protection that they were going to be using. there was no question in his mind why he was meeting this alleged 13-year-old girl. turns out it was a cop. he goes on trial. at the trial they introduced two
8:27 pm
other pieces of evidence. in addition to all the things i just said. which show that he was talking to two other young girls in the same chat room. another one who was 13 and another one who was 15. bill: they impounded his computer. they could see exactly what he did. >> what he had been up to. >> they saw this wasn't just one 13-year-old he was trying to seduce. there were others. it turns out the 13-year-olds were. >> all cops. bill: this guy had three things he was running? >> no real 13-year-olds involved whether a so ever. bill: i'm f. i'm a defense attorney, jona. this is so much entrapment. there are no 13-year-olds. it's all wall-to-wall cops. you have got to acquit him, right? >> exactly. bill: but they didn't. >> they didn't. i think he got like 17 and a half years. the problem like that is when an adult pretends to be a child. it's still an adult. he actually committed no crime. there should be more lenient sentences. >> that's not true. according to the black letter law as it is written, that's true but the case law
8:28 pm
interpreting it has said a minor or someone who you believe to be a minor. if you try to. bill: that's written in there how believe to be a minor? >> case law interpretation. a law written in the law books and then you have courts who interpret that law. bill: shouldn't they change the law to say that? wouldn't it be easier? >> yes, it would be easier. you are missing the point. that's not why they appealed his conviction. they appealed his conviction because they said those two instances of the other 13-year-olds and other 15-year-olds never should have come into evidence because they weren't disclosed to us. >> the moral issue here, john narcotics is the guy is going away for 17 and a half years. big stretch. ok? and he did didn't actually talk to any kids. you have a problem with that? >> yeah. i have a big problem with that even if we were going to bust him for fake kid number one, two and three should definitely get thrown out. i mean, don't the cops have better things to do. these were not children. bill: two and three he wasn't
8:29 pm
convicted. they used it as an appeal. you think he should go for 17 and a half. >> i'm happy he is going to jail for 17 years. the court upheld the conviction because said even though this should have been disclosed to the other side that, in fact, these were all cops and no real teenagers involved, it was harmless error because the jury had so much evidence that he was trying to have sex with a 13-year-old. and that violates the law. bill: if you try but don't succeed for whatever reason, you still can go away for a long period of time. >> as long as taking affirmative steps. more on is it legal in a moment. george clooney's pa lacial mansion was invaded in italy. we will tell you what that is all about. glenn beck's privacy being all the time. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. bill: continuing now with is it legal a very strange situation in italy. actor george clooney owns a la very much he is estate. apparent lay photographer climbed over a wall. photographed a 13-year-old girl on his property topless and took sarap -- surreptitious photos of cloopy and his girlfriend. the photos are published in magazine and factor can't find them. that is very strange. joining us again megyn kelly and jonna. the pictures that the paparazzi jumped over allegedly we don't
8:33 pm
know where they are. >> right. bill: clooney wants what to happen. >> come out and said oh i'm going to sue and pursue my rights to the fullest extent of the law. interestingly in italy not only does his lawsuit look pretty good, these people could be facing criminal charges. privacy act over in italy provides blanket protection to public figures try to invade their private lives. and get information that has really no public value. i mean, what public value does picture of a topless 13-year-old girl, even though she is at george clooney's estate. none. the paparazzi may not only be paying george clooney. they may be headed to jail for up to two years. bill: different situation in its lit than this there are in the united states. there are no privacy laws here at all as far as i can tell. >> not too many when it comes to
8:34 pm
celebrities. i also read in this mayor george clooney law to keep people from gathering outside of his house. if you get caught doing it and not a local it's going to cost you like 26 bucks. >> i can't get anywhere near the house. >> i will loan you the 26 bucks. bill: kelly, i have met the man, not going to say anything. >> oh, come on. >> jealousy is an ugly, ugly emotion, bill. bill: put it this way, i would not jump over a wall to see him. >> maybe hang outside the house for a little while. that's different. bill: no, i would not. but the bottom line on this thing is that nobody should be jumping over everybody's wall nobody should be doing what these people did. they will be punished more marchly in italy than here in the united states. >> even in the united states when you are using a tell photo lends to zoom into somebody's private home, into their private living room, you are going to face trouble. we still even have protections here in the united states against things like that.
8:35 pm
bill: it's very, very hard, kelly, take it from me. it's impossible in this country to stop these animals ruining livestocking you from doing anything like that new york in springfield. did you guys play little league by the way? >> i did. i was the only girl on the team. bill: i was a little league guy. and now there is a lawsuit in play, jonna, where a 12-year-old boy slid into second base and got hurt. >> it's absolutely ridiculous. he gets hurt. and he had to have a couple of surgeries. and the parents or the mother sued little league and settled for $125,000. which is absolutely ridiculous. bill: guy slides into second, he is 12. he hurts his ligaments. he has to have operations. she sues saying, what? >> saying that he was improperly coached and wasn't taught how to slide correctly and that they used some bases that weren't, i
8:36 pm
don't know, up to code. >> they should have been able to move more easily. bill: how did they win that. >> because people are afraid of juries and what they might do. bill: so they settled? >> this guy, the plaintiff's lawyer is touting this like it's the greatest victory ever. it's not. it's $125,000. >> that in the law is what we call nuisance value. guaranteed the little league would have had to pay their lawyers at least that if they had gone to trial. bill: the problem now is every kid who gets hurt playing little league after this is going to go in and sue and that's the end of little league. >> coaches volunteer. how are you going to get them to volunteer? till. bill: did they sue the coach. >> they didn't sue the coaches personally there is a fund you have to pay that goes to buy insurance for the team. but, still, if the coaches could possibly be on the hook personally, who is going to do it. bill: it's brutal. it really is brutal. but you say they were smart to settle the case. >> i would have told them to settle too. it's even worse for little league if they get some huge
8:37 pm
judgment against them and set the precedent like that. bill: could that happen? >> who knows what a jury is going to do. i tell everybody in my family never let your fate get decided by a jury. you just never know how it's going to come out. i don't blame them for settling. unfortunate the people brought the lawsuit in the first place. here is the secret. accidents happen. sometimes there is no one to blame. bill: not in this society, there is always somebody to blame. ladies thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, glenn beck gets hammered by the far left as you know. is he going to respond to his critics. and then billy joel wants us to consider this piano playing cat so we will. moments away as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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bill: thanks for being with us. our pal glenn beck is a ratings monster at 5:00 in the afternoon. that's driving his critics crazy. since coming to fox news channel he has destroyed his competition and gaining new viewers every week. because of that the far left is furious and beck is all over the internet. >> hey, do you know what i really love? >> what do you really love that. >> prescription pill glenn beck. >> i like glenn beck. >> it gives you perspective. >> it makes me crazy. >> what? >> that's nuts. >> yeah. >> you know something else? >> i love glenn beck more than anyone else in the whole wide
8:41 pm
world. >> that ain't true. i love glenn beck more. >> go there right now. i love glenn beck more. bill: a lot of talent there. the glen meister is on vacation this week. i talked him a few days ago about his critics. >> you're a maverick. bill: when you were on cnn headlines news were you before nancy grace? i think you were before and you led into nancy. this is the part of the show where we usually expose how the media isn't telling you the truth. tonight i'm going to shift gears and expose someone else who was lying to you. bill: you weren't as flam flamboyant and that's a kind word as you are right now on fox news. >> this is like a bad biology class. >> i would like to give $180 million to the irs. >> do you know what a pariah i was? did. >> they hate you over there? >> the management was always very good. going around what i used to call the pit of despair the people in
8:42 pm
the newsroom. bill: walk around the newsroom people would hate you. >> i was walking around the newsroom one time a lady said to me, one of the journalists looked up and she went ugh. bill: they do that here. >> not to me. just you. i said that's not necessary. she said oh, you expect it. i said i do, and isn't that sad? bill: did that inhibit you and you weren't as flamboyant over there because of these pinheads mocking you? >>. no i think the reason why i wasn't as flamboyant, i mean i think i'm the same person. bill: not on the air though. >> you don't think so? no you were much more low key over there it's like the full moon came out. >> it's time to stop bragging. maybe that's god's way of sorting out the stupid people. you 8% in a car company that's been making crap boxes i think since 1955. >> something about live television though that does it to you. >> i don't care about anything. i just want my guy to win.
8:43 pm
>> president obama looked at all that he created and said it is very good. so he declared the seventh month a month of rest. >> what are you doing, stu? dabbing it with a cloth? bill: you weren't live over there. >> no. i wasn't live. bill: tape like three days ahead? >> when it's live and the camera comes on. >> then i just become a showman. oh i have got to be on time every day at 5:00? i think we start with desert. something yummy. >> moon comes out and wear wolfe. >> i don't think that's a compliment. [ laughter ] bill: when you go on and you do your thing, there is an equal part serious and there is an equal part theater. some people use that against you. how has your life changed since you came to fox news? >> a lot more security? >> nobody watched cnn headline.
8:44 pm
i'm not saying that despagingly. he says that in all the love in his heart. bill: audience here is five times, six times. >> more than that, right. >> no, i think that we have entered a time where america is just on edge and. >> absolutely. >> people on right that hate me and people on the left that hate me. this magnifies it. bill: does that weigh on you personally? >> yeah. it does. i mean, i don't -- you know, i think people think that i am just -- oh, well, he is just a silly clown or whatever. >> you have got to watch this show or your children may be killed by clowns beating them to death with those giant clown shoes. >> i'm not. i'm a genuinely thoughtful person. i just know how to package things in an entertaining way. >> are you so afraid of the republicans that you have to invent voters? bill: on the air a very good personality. off the air you are very boring.
8:45 pm
off on the air very good personality. >> i think this is hostile atmosphere here. bill: we are your friends here. >> this is my friend. threats are tough. >> do you have a problem walking down the streets of new york. >> no. because i'm a new yorker. >> really? >> yeah. they know born and raised here. >> people who don't like me. >> owe o'reilly. >> i find myself people either i just want to hug the people who are nice. >> you from knew talk though, right? >> utah and seattle, it's the same thing. >> denver, idaho. iowa. this is the way new yorkers are too. >> you are like i don't know it's across the river. it gets blurry over there. >> so they give you hard time in new york? >> no. half. half. and half of them are just great. >> you got a funny hair cut or what are they yelling? >> they walk by and go -- oh my
8:46 pm
gosh. that just. >> i'm still around. very, very careful. they will take you to -- we don't want to have to bail you out. >> you don't think they are going to have to do that anyway. >> glenn beck, everybody, he is our pal no matter what we say we love him. >> i will be watching you with my button eyes. bill: in a moment, the great american news quiz tonight starring hillary clinton and paula abdul. how much do you know about the news of the week? right back with it. naing onon ud r.
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weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n .
8:49 pm
bill: back of the book segment tonight, we are tweaking the great american culture quiz a bit turning it into the great american news quiz. factor audience smartest audience in the country. every tuesday we will put
8:50 pm
together five questions. steve doocy and -- hud could is playing for -- lives in st. louis. like in on the action. go to bill o' ok. the great american news quiz. hillary clinton lashed out at a student when her translater botched a question. >> wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. [inaudible] you ask my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channelling my husband. bill: ok. where was secretary clinton? bill: huddy breaks into the lead who doocy who covered the story had no idea where she was. question number two.
8:51 pm
rod blagojevich everybody's favorite sang an elvis presley song at a chicago party. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, ready. ♪ ♪ when i walk through that door ♪ baby be polite ♪ you gonna make me sore. >> can he be arrested for that? bill: which song did he sing? bill: the answer is, roll the tape ♪ when i walk through the door ♪ baby, be polite ♪ you're gonna make me sore ♪ if you don't greet me right ♪ don't you ever kiss me once, kiss me twice ♪ treat me nice
8:52 pm
♪ bill: a little bit of an improvement there, i would say. all right. huddy still up by 1. question number three brad pitt says he is considering politics. >> if chosen, would you run? >> yeah. >> would you serve? >> yeah, i'm running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform. >> ok. >> i don't have a chance. bill: i love the hat. we should all have hats like that here. pitt first gained attention in a chick flick. what was it? bill: come on doocy, does your wrist hurt? >> is he waiting for me to get mine up. bill: you have got to get that card up faster or i will penalize you. huddy is still leading by one two to go. if you guys think doocy is cheating, email me, please. >> i'm losing. bill: this month some americans
8:53 pm
were trapped on an airplane for nine hours in what city? correct. rochester, minnesota. huddy is still ahead. >> of course. bill: one question back. >> this is big. bill: paula abdul is out at "american idol." >> you look like a super star up there and whatever happens, i'm in awe of your talent. whatever happens with this idol journey, i know with every fiber of my being you are going to be iconic, yes, you are. >> paula is sitting on the fence a bit on that one, i think. bill: what other tv show reportedly wants to hire ms. abdul?
8:54 pm
bill: can i fire doocy? i can fire him from this show. can i fire him forever? juliet wins. >> georgia. bill: perfect score. perfect new score for juliet huddy. you, i thought were cheating throughout the whole thing and you still lost. pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, starring megan fox and a cat. that's next. . . -%
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
bill: billy joel has endorsed a piano-playing cat. ♪ sean bill: megan fox trying to fool the kids. >> every year kids succumb to peer pressure. high school can be tough and kids can be cruel. what really matters is to be
8:58 pm
yourself and if that involves killing and eating every boy at your school, do it. nothing is more important than being you are. bill: this whole thing was a promo for her movie. now the mail. that is an excellent question. seanifbill: it depends on the hospital, some of them are terrible and some more efficient.
8:59 pm
that line from the chapter where my football team defeated another team. bill: indeed they are. you can go to oreilly, please leave us some comments. please include your name and town. do not be a quakebuttock. that's it for us. that's it for us.


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